When Should We Use CDN?

Did you know what a CDN is? The CDN (Content Delivery Network) is a system that makes the process of disseminating information faster and more efficient for users.

How does a CDN work?

To access a single site, users will usually send (a request) to the (server). Then , the server will send the requested information to the user.

Sistem HTTP Biasa

The speed level of the information transmission depends on the location and speed of the server If the server location is close to the user, the information sent will not take a long time usually.

Therefore, Malaysian users who want to access one image from a server in Malaysia will find it faster than accessing the same image from American server and vice versa.

Here, CDN plays a big role. CDN is a server network with many locations. The CDN server will store the information received from the original server, and will send the information to the user via the location of the CDN server near the user.

For example, Australian users will receive information from the Australian CDN server itself, not from the original server in Malaysia. As a result, the delivery of information will be more efficient.

How CDN Works (Pull Method)

Bagaimana CDN Berfungsi (Kaedah Pull)

How Can CDN Help You?

  1. Optimize the data delivery
    CDN will send information from the server's location near the user, thus reducing the time taken to transfer the information.
  2. Reduce the server load
    Users will access information from high performing CDN servers, not from your server. Hence, it can reduce the burden of your server.
  3. Saves the usage of server bandwidth
  4. When you send pictures to users via CDN, you can save your server data and use CDN data instead.

When Should You Use CDN?

  1. When you have a large amount of visitors
  2. When you are using a lot of pictures and videos in your website.
  3. When you have visitors from all over the world
  4. When you want to save on server load and data

However, how much does a CDN cost?

There are CDNs that you can use for free such as Cloudflare and WordPress CDN. Also, there are paid CDN services such as KeyCDN, StackPath, AWS and Google Cloud.

I will share on how to use CDN to your website in future articles.

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