Top 5 Best Affordable Drones

Unmanned Ariel Vehicles or Drones as they are popularly known were originally developed as military technology but have since been embraced by the mainstream market. Their usefulness combined with the fun of operating one has increased the public demand for them.

As a consequence, prices have dropped with the fast-tracked development of drone technology. Once only used by professional filmmakers and aerial surveyors, these days, drones are used for all sorts of purposes from racing, product delivery, education to independent filmmaking. The potential is endless.

If you want to buy your first drone, why not start with some cheaper models that are just as capable as their more expensive brethren?

We’ve listed some of the best budget drones under RM1, 000 here to help you choose.


Weight: 73g | Controller: No | Camera resolution: 0.3MP | Battery size: 500mAh | Range: 30m
Price: dari RM166.32

The mini JJRC H37 Elfie is the perfect drone to take on your travels. It’s so small that it’ll fit in the palm of your hand. The drone is fully featured and folds neatly into a compact bundle which you can easily store in your backpack.

As we’ve mentioned, this is a full-featured drone despite its small size. It supports WIFI, has a built-in 720P HD camera capable of video and stills and streaming them directly to your mobile device.

Added bonuses include one key return home button to make the drone return with one push of a button, a G sensor for better control using your smartphone with iOS and Android, support, air press hover mode to hover in one place as you shoot and mobile phone control of up to 40 meters.


  • The G-Sensor mode makes the controls easier.
  • The app gives full control over the controls.


  • Controlling it is harder.
  • Non-HD camera

2. JXD 509W

Weight: 140g | Controller: Yes | Camera resolution: 0.3MP | Battery size: 600mAh | Range: 50m
Price: RM233.00

The JXD 509W is an affordable WIFI-equipped drone which comes with a built-in 0.3-megapixel camera, 6 axis gyro, 4 channel controller with 50-meter range.  The WIFI support means that you can control the phone using an app on your smartphone and even stream videos and still shots directly to your phone. productnation

You won’t ever have to worry about losing the JXD 509W thanks to a cool little feature included – the one button return to home function, allowing you to instruct the drone to return back to you with the push of a button.


  • Featuring Altitude Holder
  • One-Key Home Return
  • Headless mode
  • Automatic Landing


  • Flight time could be better, if pilot uses the camera throughout the all flight, battery will only be enough for 6 minutes of flight. 

3. Syma X8 Pro

Weight: 645g | Controller: Yes | Camera resolution: 1MP | Battery size: 2000mAh | Range: 200m
Price: RM479.00

The Syma X8 Pro sets itself aside from other budget drones with the built-in GPS based positioning and return which helps you to keep track of and recall your drone.

This WIFI equipped drone with 720P camera is directly controllable from your smartphone.

There’s even a hover function, to keep the drone hovering at a certain position in the air. The one push takeoff and landing also allows novices to takeoff and land the drone safely.


  • Brushless motors to achieve higher flying speed and stronger propulsion force.
  • Comes with two batteries which extends your total flight session up to 25 minutes.


  • Battery life is relatively short for a great quality drone
  • Limited remote control distance up to 200 meters,

4. Parrot Hydrofoil Travis

Weight: 2.31lb | Controller: Yes | Camera resolution: 0.3MP | Battery size: 550mAh | Range: 20m
Price: RM599.00

Good things come in small packages. This rings true for the parrot hydrofoil Travis. In spite of its small size, the Parrot Travis is a perfectly capable and fun drone. The tiny drone can perform aerial acrobatics.

The little fellow is stable, impact resistant and easy to control with your smartphone and has a user-activated cut-out system in the event of a crash.

You can take aerial pictures with the onboard vertical mini cam and customize it further with additional accessories.


  • Impressive design
  • Grin inducing tricks
  • Decent app interface


  • App switching between flight and water modes is annoying
  • Battery life underwhelming

5. WLtoys Q303C

Weight: 2.510g | Controller: Yes | Camera resolution: 2MP | Battery size: 1500mAh | Range: 150m
Price: Rm799.00

WL toys introduced their Q303C drone to the market recently. For the price, you will get an above-average drone with a built-in 2-megapixel camera capable of a wide range of shots. The camera sits on a gimbal single axis support, allowing it to make these shots.

With a control range of 150 meters, built in stabilizers and the ability to attach additional fun accessories such as the water cannon or hook, this drone was built for fun.

One drawback of this package is the short flight time of 9 minutes per charge.

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