Tips For Choosing A Hosting Company

Still get confused which hosting is the best for  your website? Read the following tips to help you choose the best hosting.

1. Choose A High Performance Hosting

The first thing you need to ask yourself is, “Is it okay to hosting this company? What others will say?”

If you have found the answer, whether it is reputable or not, you still can choose a new hosting company or reseller with a cheaper price. But, you need to consider the risk factors as well.

Number of website runners are lost, mistreated and regretful for choosing the wrong hosting. So make sure  you are totally ready if you want to try out a new hosting company.

2. Ask Crucial Questions To The Hosting Provider

By asking the right questions, it will help you determine wether the hosting is the best choice.

Important Questions to Ask Your Hosting Provider:

  1. Do you have your own server, or just a reseller?
  2. How many customers do you have now?
  3. As a reseller, what support could you give to me?
  4. How many data center locations you have, and where are they?
  5. What process should be undertaken to communicate or how can I  reach the help desk?
  6. Is there a fixed time or day for me to get your support?

For a stable and reputable hosting, these questions you can find on their own website. However, for new hosting providers, you should consult with your sales representative or owner.

3. Do not Subscribe Hosting Package from Reseller If you Have Many Customers

If you want to use your personal website or your company solely, you can subscribe to a hosting package from a reseller or your own web site provider.

However, if you are a website developer, and possess a lot of clients, don't subscribe to resellers. You may need help from the host in case something happens to your account or your client.

Resellers are usually an individual person and for sure they cannot provide you with the full support. The server owner will not serve your request, since you are no longer the server owner's responsibility, but the reseller's.

If you need comprehensive support, keep in touch with the server, and subscribe directly to them, without a frontman.

4. Find Out How Many Staf / Hosting Team Members

If a lone ranger, watch your steps! Learn mistakes done by hundreds / thousands of previous victims

It is not about the bad intention, but as an individual person, there are things that are sometimes inevitable. Whether it is illness, financial problems, family issues, etc., it will make your hosting provider unable to help you when you need it most.

5. Subscribe Directly From The Server

This is the best method. It may cost more than purchasing with a reseller, but it is more secure.

6. Get Help / Advice From Experienced People

This is important. Ask an experienced person, not experienced in using one hosting and managing website only. If possible, ask those who have tried many types of hosting or who have sold many hosting accounts.

You can subscribe from them once you have convinced, or you can subscribe directly to the server. You may use their affiliate link to get support from both server.

7. Check Latency Server

If possible, get your IP address or DNS information first from the host.

You may use tools like to check whether the server is good for your use. If you find the speed is too fast for your target location, then you can subscribe to the hosting.

If you can't find the IP or DNS address of the server you want, you can try entering the URL of the hosting website.

It can serve as a benchmark for the seriousness of the hosting team's server speed. Make sure the host can really give you the server closest to your desired location.

You can also use the hosting party URL to to check where the hosting party is located.

8. Check Uptime & Server Speed

Right away, you can only know the most commercial uptime hosting such as Hostgator, Bluehost, Hostinger etc

If you want to subscribe to a host that does not have information related to uptime, you can try asking anyone who is familiar with them, and ask for their feedback.

For international hosting, you can read the comparison at

9. Examine the Package Offered

This is a common mistake they made for not being aware of the hosting features they are subscribing to and what are the restrictions. For instance, there are some hosts who offer unlimited bandwidth / data, but the truth they have their own clauses. Hence, please refer to the host what the unlimited refer to.

Some are not clear with basic features such as file size limit, database size, or email limit. Make sure the package is fully clear before you subscribe to any hosting package.

What Would I Recommend?

  • I value more on speed and uptime. So I chose Hostinger, Digital Ocean, and Upcloud.
  • If you want a good support hosting from Malaysia, then I recommend ServerFreak.

Are You Using WordPress?

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