Website Development Service

Our website development service is quite unique. We do not provide any packages to our client, but we will follow the requirements, specifications and budget set by our client.

Why Website Packages Are Not A Good Option?

Previously, we also introduced a website building package, but after many years of dealing with customers, we feel that by using the package, our customers cannot get the maximum value from their investment.

This is because, with the package, most website designers only follow the selected specifications, and features that sometimes are not necessary for customers need.

For each customer, it may require unique and different features, according to the needs of their business.

Furthermore, if the customer wants to add new features or functions, the customer has to incur other additional costs as well.

In conclusion, with a package, you may pay for website functionality that you do not need, whereas you can use that money to get the website functionality that you really need.

Remember, the purpose of a website is to get good value as results. If your website fails to give you a good value to your business or company why should you use a website?

Our Approach

If you would like to use our website development services, here are the steps:

  1. Our representative will contact you.
  2. Meetings with clients will be arranged. If the client is in a remote location, the meeting will be arranged on a website basis.
  3. Free consultation sessions will be conducted, around 30-60 min, depending on client needs. Based on the client's background, we will provide suggestions on the types and functions of the website that the client needs.
  4. The client will fill in the “Product Request Form” that we provide. The client will inform the specifications and state the desired functions.
  5. We will state the cost based on the specifications that the client set.

This method may be different from the package system. Where with the package, the company tells, what will be given if you subscribe to the package.

Here, we emphasize on the desires and needs of the customer first.

Is It More Expensive?

No, it may even be cheaper because you only have to pay the cost you want

What About The Quality Of The Website?

The quality of the website will be determined by you. Whether you want a budget-friendly website or an international standard website, everything is up to you.

Is There Any Warranty?

Once both parties are clear with the functions and features set, and if we fail to follow the specifications set by the client, we will not demand any payment for the specifications that fail to be fulfilled.

What If I Am Interested In This Service?

If you are interested in getting our website development services, you can contact our representative for further discussion.