How To Learn a New Programming Language Fast

Programming is one of the most sought after skills today. However, programming learning is often considered difficult due to the use of the wrong approach to learning code.

Therefore, in this article, admin is going to share a free and paid programming language or learning site that might be easy and fun to refer to those who want to start learning about it.

1. Codecademy

If you’ve done any research about learning how to code, then I’m sure you’ve come across Codecademy . As one of the largest online coding schools, it’s pretty hard not to run into some mention of this organization. You can choose from a variety of courses including HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Ruby on Rails and more.

You don’t have to sign up for a monthly subscription or pay by the class. For someone on a tight budget, that can be the deciding factor. And when a course is free, it automatically has a higher ROI (since the investment is just time, not time + money).

Nevertheless, If you're looking for theory, this probably isn't the best place to start. Here, you'll learn how to code, but you won't gain a deep understanding into why you're doing anything you're doing.

There are other resources for that, but if you're a marketer or you're using and HTML-based CMS In your work, hands-on experience is just what you need.

2. Khan Academy

Khan Academy has taken the world by storm in the eight years since its inception. The online video library hosts a wealth of subjects with video tutorials allowing its users to learn at their own pace.

The non-profit organization is backed by some of the largest and most influential foundations and businesses in the world, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Google. It’s completely free to use and has optimized learning for all at the click of a mouse.

It is also a free medium that uses a slightly different approach to Codecademy, that is, video learning.

Khan Academy is accessible without time and location restrictions. All you need is the internet and the device to watch the video.

In addition, you can learn and work at your own pace. You can fast forward, rewind, repeat videos, stop and work out a problem on your own, all without having to consider other students’ or the teacher’s pace. 

Those who naturally work slower or who are struggling with a particular topic can focus on that topic.  Others who may be naturally adept at a certain topic can speed through sections that are less challenging.

3. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow has a large and vibrant community which is eager to help, making it one of the fastest ways to get quality answers to technical questions. Asking and answering questions on Stack Overflow has many derivative benefits as well. Stack Overflow is a canonical, public site that almost everyone in the software world knows about. Having an active presence on it — answering or asking questions — reflects well on you as a developer or designer.

On Stack Overflow, question quality is tightly monitored, which forces you to ask good questions. Asking good questions requires clear thought and good communication, and is a skill all professional developers need to be good at. Knowing how to structure an effective question is more valuable than any specific technical skill.

You may be surprised by how much you can learn from asking thoughtful questions. Writing coherently about a problem is the best way to wrap your mind around it – even better than talking through it. You will find that in the process of writing a thoughtful question, you often discover the answer yourself.

How To Ask Good Stack Overflow Questions

  1. Always look for answers before asking your question
    Stack Overflow users will often link to answers to identical questions, and occasionally down-vote or close questions deemed to be redundant. Your question may occasionally be down-voted by a member who thinks your question is simplistic. Unfortunately, down-votes may sometimes be accompanied by a curt comment. Thoughtful questions and politeness help to ward off rude responses, but if you do receive them, you should not take them personally.
  2. Share your process and attempts at solving the problem.
    Stack Overflow users are more likely to be helpful if they feel like you’re trying hard and asking intelligent questions.
  3. Be specific, particularly in the title. 
    “How to build complex data relationships” is another example of a bad title. “How to debug a polymorphic relationship” is acceptable, because it shows that you may have tried to solve your problem.

Note that this title lacks concrete detail, so even though it’s acceptable, it could still get down-voted.

4. Sololearn

SoloLearn is a series of free apps that allows users to learn a variety of programming languages and concepts through short lessons, code challenges, and quizzes. Programming languages contained such as HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Jquery, Python, Java, Kotlin, C++, PHP, SQL, Algorithm and data structures, Ruby, Machine Learning, Design Patterns, Swift and Git.

5. W3Schools

W3Schools is a web developers site, with tutorials and references on web development languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Python, jQuery, Java, C++, C#, React, XML, W3.CSS, and Bootstrap, covering most aspects of web programming.

W3Schools uses simple code explanations with simple illustrations of how to use it. Plus, the tutorials start from basic level and move all the way up to professional references.

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