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Lots of people interested in getting to know what hosting should they have for their WordPress site. For this reason, I write this guide specifically for you.

What Are You Aiming For Your WordPress?

Before subscribing to any hosting package, decide first what your website will do next. Is it for the blog? Company website? E-business?

Simply because you don't have to spend exaggerate for unnecessarily things in case you want to reduce the amount of resources.

If you are only using personal blogs and business profile websites, it is quite a good idea for using a Shared Hosting account.

If you want to use for a large website with high traffic, your Shared Hosting account may not be enough.

So how would you decide which ones to subscribe?

Method #1 – Subscribe By Requirements Only

This could be the easiest way. Just follow your requirements, which subscription suits your budget. Then, as your needs increase, you can simply switch to another package / hosting. For example, starting with sharing a hosting, you can migrate to cloud hosting / vps when you think you have insufficient requirement.

Cost: Around $1-16 USD/month


  • Economical
  • Equipped with control panel to manage your hosting


  • Open source Hosting Panels which require you to share the source with others
  • There might be a problem during the migration of the host later. However, usually the host party will assists in case you want to migrate / change the package

Method # 2 – Begins With Cloud Hosting

This way is better for those who are inclined for more security. If you are planning to develop a website that may have significant traffic in the future, you can subscribe to Cloud Hosting.

Cost: Around $8-150 USD/month


  • Easier to upgrade
  • More secure and stable because you dont need to share the source with others
  • Equipped with control panel


  • Uneconomical

Method # 3 – Using Cloud VPS

For VPS, you are not provided with a specific server as you still required to have multiple shares on a server. But, you are only given one mini virtual server

It is better to use Cloud VPS instead of VPS hosted on one server only as it is safer, more stable and does not rely on single point of failure (In cases where the crash of a server affect an account)

Cost: From $5/month

  • Affordable and easy to upgrade
  • Equipped with settings that help you easily deploy your web / package


  • Requires technical skills for server / hosting settings.
  • Unequipped control panel to help you manage your application / website. If you wish to run a panel (such as Cpanel), you need to install it yourself with an additional cost.

Method #4 – Managed WordPress Hosting

This method used when you want to use your hosting for WordPress hosts only. It is quite similar to shared hosting and cloud hosting, but the focal point is on WordPress. However, you may not get the same functions as shared hosting

Useful for those who really want to use WordPress without thinking about technical issues.

Cost: Around $5-30 USD/month


  • Everythings managed by the host
  • Specified for WordPress
  • Features such as security, backup, etc. are provided by the host.


  • You may unable to host applications or other sites except WordPress.
  • Limited functionality
  • A bit pricey

Decide Your Hosting

Based on the types of hosting shared, you can decide which hosting you want,

If you are a technical person – Use Cloud VPS. It is recommended to use the Digital Ocean which you can get a price from as low as $5 usd.

If you have a small amount of budget – Use shared hosting due to unrestricted access to manage a shared hosting account. It is recommended to use Hostinger as you can subscribe straight to 1-3 years package for more savings.

If you have extra budget allocation – Keep using Cloud Hosting. However, you need to ask the hosting company clearly what you will obtain with this package.

If you want to use WordPress only – Use Managed WordPress Hosting.

Why Digital Ocean?

Because it's performance, stability and speed worth the price. Also, very user friendly. There are other options, such as Google Cloud Platform and AWS, but you might need to spend more.

Why ServerFreak?

If you want to use a server from Malaysia, ServerFreak is your choice. Consumer reviews are quite encouraging, and they are quite affordable. They also have many packages to choose from, including Cpanel Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud VPS, and dedicated servers.

Hosting WordPress - Hostinger

Why Hostinger?

Because of its stability. Most of shared hosting are inexpensive, but low quality. Instead, Hostinger's performance and uptime guarantee is quite excellent.

The initial cost is very reasonable, but the cost of upgrading the package might be quite expensive. But it’s not a big issue. Who knows, in 2-3 years, you might be able to upgrade your package to Cloud Hosting / VPS?

Plus, it is also offering 24/7 customer support. I have received a quite positive reviews from users even I had never contact the support service so far.

Also, Hostinger has a location server in Singapore. If your users are in Malaysia, make sure you use a hosting nearby Malaysia.

Unsure which channel should you subscribe? Visit my other article : Tips Memilih Syarikat Hosting.

If you want to subscribe Hostinger, make sure you make a purchase using my affiliate link. Therefore, you will also get my own support besides Hostinger’s support.

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