Exabytes WordPress Hosting – Is It a Good Investment?

I was invited to test the WordPress Hosting WP Lite package by Exabytes, and here are some results I've tried so far.

WP Lite Package From Exabytes

According to the information on the Exabytes sales page, here are what you will get from this package:

  • 1 WordPress Website
  • 30GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Email Account
  • Unlimited Data Transfer

This package is using Shared Hosting Environment, so you still need to share it with other users on one server. According to the comparison table, the maximum number of accounts in one server is 150-200 accounts.

If you need to use a WordPress Hosting account for more than one domain, you need to subscribe to WP Plus (maximum 5 domains) and WP Geek (maximum 30 domains) packages.

The provided storage size is 30 GB SSD, which is quite reasonable. For normal use, this size is usually more than enough.

Purchase & Registration

The purchasing and checkout process is quite easy. I would prefer to register domain .com that come with the package(free). If you are signing up for a domain extension .my or .com.my , you must include a supporting document.

The amount is RM407.04 for one year subscription including SST charge.

Account Settings

My account is immediately created, and I can continue to access the Plesk Control Panel that I use. Even the propagation domain is quite fast, but it is not going to be a big problem for me to use the given domain to continue using pre-installed WordPress.

Plesk Control Panel
Laman WordPress yang telah sedia diinstall

Free SSL Let's Encrypt

Within the Plesk Control Panel, there an option to use Let's Encrypt to install SSL for my website. As a result,  I can save cost on SSL subscriptions.

Ready-To-Installed Plugins

Exabytes has installed several plugins into WordPress, such as iThemes Security, JetPack, Yoast SEO, and Classic Editor.

Runned Test

I use this website as a test material. What I want to do is to compare the performance of websites hosted using Hostinger (hosting now) with WordPress Hosting from Exabytes.

So, I cloned this site to Exabytes hosting, with the following settings

  • Same content, theme & plugins
  • Same size file and request
  • Images are hosted on WordPress CDN
  • Deactivate another CDN

I have tested using Chrome Browser, using Digi 4g internet data by Digi.

I have tried to open both urls in the new Incognito mode for 10 times


In terms of TTFB and website load time, it's clear that the WP Lite WordPress Hosting account is faster, outperforming the Hostinger Business Hosting speed.

Ujian Prestasi Menggunakan Keycdn Tools

Congratulations to Exabytes for this exciting test result!

Usage & Speed

In terms of speed, it looks pretty impressive. The process of managing a website using Plesk Control Panel is also relatively simple. It only takes me about 1 hour to get used to this Control Panel.


WP lite has already equipped with good hosting security features


Your hosting account will be periodically backed up by Exabytes. However, you cannot access them directly within your Plesk Control Panel. If you have any issues related to your account, you can contact support to restore your backup throughout 14 days.

In addition, you can manually backup directly in the Plesk Control panel. For this kind of WordPress backup and restore, you don't need to go through Exabytes user service.

Clone / Migration

To clone your WordPress site to another domain or subdomain within the same account is quite easy with Plesk Control Panel. The website migration functionality from the other hosting is also available. So, if you already have another WordPress site and want to use WordPress Hosting at Exabytes it should be fine.

MySQL Database

The WP lite package from Exabytes provides you with two SQL databases only. Thus, it’s allowing you to install up to two WordPress sites only. 1 for the domain, and 1 for the subdomain.

For those who need hosting for just one WordPress site, the package from Exabytes could be great. With the addition of one WordPress to the subdomain, you can use it for staging your site.

If you need more than 1 WordPress, you may be able to choose WP Plus & WP Geek Packages. But the price could be more expensive.

Comparison – Hostinger Business Hosting vs Exabytes WP Lite

PackageBusiness Shared HostingWP Lite
Hosting TypeShared HostingShared Hosting
Server LocationSingaporeMalaysia
DomainUp to 100 domains1 domain only
Storage30 GB30 GB SSD
BroadbandUnlimited Unlimited
Email Account1 Unlimited
SSL1 FreeFree
(Let's encrypt)
(1 Year Package)
RM290 for the first year
RM497 for the upcoming years
RM407 a year
(2 Years Package)
RM497 for 2 years
RM447 for the upcoming years
RM712 for every
2 years

Who Should Use WP Lite?

Owner of a company / organization that only needs a WordPress site. If you value more about security and stability, the service provided by Exabytes is sufficient.

WP Geek For WordPress Developer

Besides WP Lite package, I can imagine that the WP Geek package for 30 domains and 60 SQL databases could be considerable too for web designers.

Use subdomains for staging, and deploy WordPress / clones to your customer's domain easily. It will be easier to manage 30 clients in one account with this plan.

If I were a developer who really focused on WordPress websites, Wab Geek's package from Exabytes would probably be one of my top choices.

Would I Continue Using WP Lite?

Maybe I’ll keep using it for further testing and a staging for client websites. My currently used hostings are sufficient for my needs so far.

If you think this package is the best for you, you can try subscribing from Exabytes. Exabytes gives you a 100-day guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the package.

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