Big Data Applications In Today’s World

Big Data has totally changed and revolutionized the way businesses and organizations work. 

In this blog, we will go deep into the major Big Data applications in various sectors and industries and learn how these sectors are being benefitted by these applications.

1. Fast-Food Industry

There are many popular fast-food companies like McDonald’s, KFC, Pizzahut and so on. These companies are the leader in this industry and taking help from big data to remain at the top.

Uses :-

  1. Using a populated database containing demographic, interest, and behavior, fast food companies try to bring changes in the food menu.
  2. They have all the information about their customer, which help to design the marketing strategy and follow trends.
  3. When the queue is long, the data science applications automatically shows only the foods that can be prepared within a short time.
  4. Can evaluate the performance of a branch and fix the locations where the new offices should be opened to increase profit.

2. Banking Sector

A bank has to go through a lot of strategies to keep your wealth safe and well maintained. In each bank, big data is being used for many years. From cash collection to financial management, big data is making banks more efficient in every sector. Big data applications in the banking sector have lessened customer’s hassle and generated revenue for the banks.

Uses :-

  1. Using clustering techniques banks can take important decisions. It can identify the new branch locations where the demand is high.
  2. Banking platforms are digital now, and all operations can be done from home.
  3. Machine learning and AI are being used by many banks to detect fraudulent activities and report to the related personnel.
  4. Data science has made it easy to handle, store and analyze this massive amount of data and ensure its security as well for the banks.

3. Media & Entertainment

Media companies and entertainment sectors need to drive digital transformation to distribute their products and contents as fast as possible at the present market.

The availability of searching and accessing any content anywhere with any device becomes a widespread practice. It can even help to figure out the views or likes of an artist to measure the popularity in the digital media sector.

Uses :-

  1. Helps to gather the information and demands of the individual.
  2. Can be used to identify the reason behind subscribing and unsubscribing a content and . the interest in particular content.
  3. Big data applications help to set the ad target group for media companies.
  4. Even an artist can choose the placement where he wants to promote his performance.
  5. Depending on the popularity he/she can choose the devices, screen size and also OS to place his song or video.

4. Tourism Industry

Modern tourists are more likely to use digital world rather than agencies. Big data helps to gather the knowledge of tourists all around the world about places and people that can be enormously helpful for the tourist company.

Uses :-

  1. Helps to gather the information of public demand by analyzing the data travelers provide on social media
  2. Some of the devices can gather credit or debit card information for quick purchase and quick identification of the traveler.
  3. Airlines can plan effectively by the data of passengers and their luggage throughout the journey and provide services accordingly.
  4. Based on the information of Geo-location, traffic, and weather, travel agencies can send offers and benefits suitable for the particular customer.
  5. Big Data boleh membantu menyediakan keselamatan melalui penggunaan teknologi blockchain.
  6. Big data can help to provide security by using blockchain technology.

5. Healthcare

Data science not only introduced to identify treatment but also improved the process of rendering healthcare. Big data has a great impact on reducing waste of money and time.

Alongside this, governments are using big data to develop new infrastructures and emergency medical services.


  1. Enables shift managers to predict the required doctors at specific times and introduced EHR to keep track of patient’s records.
  2. Using wearable digital devices, big data can monitor patients and send reports to the associated doctors.
  3. Big data can evaluate symptoms and identify any many diseases at the early stages.
  4. Can keep the sensitive records secured and store huge amount of data efficiently. Availability of medical database has also played a major role.
  5. Big data applications can also foretell the location where there is a chance of dengue or malaria spreading.

6. E-Commerce

Ecommerce is one of the legit ways through which people can earn online. Basically small to large businesses compete with each other in the eCommerce industry. 

Big data in eCommerce can provide competitive advantages by providing insights and analytical reports.


  1. Can collect data and customer requirements even before the official operation has started.
  2. Ecommerce owners can identify the most viewed products and the pages that appeared the maximum number of time.
  3. Evaluates customers behavior and suggests similar products. It increases the number of sales and generates revenue.
  4. If any product is added to cart but was not ultimately bought by a customer, big data can automatically send a promotional offer to that particular customer.
  5. Big data applications can generate a sorted report depending on the visitor’s age, gender, location, and so on.

7. Disaster Management

Every year natural calamities like hurricane, floods, earthquakes cause huge damage and many lives. Scientists are not able to predict the possibility of disaster and take enough precautions by the governments. It is the main reason behind the enormous effect. 

Although the uses of big data in disaster management are not new, the recent development of AI, data mining and visualization are helping meteorologists to forecast weather conditions more accurately.


  1. Can identify the potential disasters by evaluating temperature, water level, wind pressure, and other related factors.
  2. Using big data, the government can take necessary actions to reduce the adverse effects of natural disasters.
  3. Weather forecasters can analyze data collected from Satellite and Radar. They can examine the weather conditions every 12 hours.
  4. Can identify the water level and possibility of flood in any specific area in a particular time of a year. Actions like excavations can be done before the flood attacks.

8. National Security

  1. The governments collect the information of all citizens, and this data is stored into a database for many purposes. 
  2. Can evaluate the density of the population in a specific location and identify the possible threatening situations even before anything has occurred. 
  3. Security officers can use this dataset to find any criminal and detect fraudulent activities in any area of the country. 
  4. Besides, related personnel can predict the potential outspread of any virus or diseases and take necessary actions to prevent.

9. Agriculture

Data science has helped a lot to introduce digital and futuristic methods to the existing agricultural traditions. Uses of big data make us able to meet the required amount of yearly production and remove the necessity of importing goods as well. 

Uses :-

  1. Using big data, the whole process from harvesting to distribution process of agricultural products like paddy, wheat, vegetables, and so on.
  2. Can automate the watering system of the firm. Farmers can get enough time to concentrate on more important factors.
  3. Big data can take data from the past years and can suggest the pesticides that work best under certain conditions.
  4. Enables the firm’s owners to use the same land for several purposes and data science applications can generate production throughout the year without any interval.  

10. Education

Education industry is flooding with huge amounts of data related to students, faculty, courses, results, and what not.

  1. New advancements in grading systems have been introduced as a result of a proper analysis of student data.
  2. Appropriate analysis and study of every student’s records will help understand each student’s progress, strengths, weaknesses, interests, and more. It would also help in determining which career would be the most suitable for the student in future.

11. Cloud Computation

  1. Cloud provides the necessary tools to extract the required data. 
  2. Uses of big data successfully eliminate the requirements of handling vast data, sp organizations can get rid of the hassle of managing many software and hardware tools. 
  3. Cloud computing has boosted the speed of managing and accessing the database that contains the terabytes of records. 
  4. Data is stored in the cloud server, and data science techniques are injected to find relational information.

12. Telecommunication

Telecommunication sector is one of the most popular user group of big data applications.

With the increasing amount of data passing through different communication channels, it becomes important to collect this information to maximize profit and effective strategies for companies.

It helps to visualize the transferred data that helps to make better management and customer satisfaction.

  1. With the help of data visualizing technique defined by algorithms, telecommunication industries can detect fraud group who has illegal access and authorization and also fake profiles.
  2. Predictive analytics helps to get customer feedback and data-driven decisions that help to identify customer preference.
  3. The telecommunication companies can differentiate target audiences and add policies according to customer segmentation.
  4. Can analyze the current network management and customer engagement rate.
  5. By having information about the operation performance, they will get to know the area of improvement.

13. Airline Industry

The airline industry has the best utilization of big data as it provides them with a minute to minute operational data. It helps with the gathered information about customer service, ticketing, weather forecast, etc. 

Uses :-

  1. Big data is used for the smarter maintenance of aircraft by comparing operating costs, fuel quantity, and costs, etc.
  2. It helps to improve the safety security of flights by capturing flight incident data and can strengthen aviation chain links.
  3. Can help to enhance customer service and customer’s buying habits by analyzing past information.
  4. Helps to determine air traffic control, in-flight telemetry data information to have a comfortable flight.
  5. Helps to check real-time baggage status so that the no customer’s baggage gets lost and suffers.

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