Applications Of Smart Devices In Education

Today’s schools are changing and the incorporation of digital advances into the classroom was inevitable and necessary. To prepare students for their future, education must utilize the most advanced tools and techniques available. These changes are being reflected in new educational spaces.

Listed below are a few classroom tools/websites that are essential for a transformational learning experience

1. Projectors

BenQ’s “Interactive WXGA” projector displays interactive images on almost any flat surface. The flexible projector, as displayed in the video below, can be hooked up to a wide range of devices allowing instructors and pupils to fully utilize it.  

2.Interactive Whiteboard

Whiteboards have replaced the traditional black boards and a digital classroom without an interactive white board is incomplete.

A teacher can project any subject on the touch-sensitive whiteboard surface with the help of a projector and a computer

They can conduct lessons using their finger or with a pen or stylus. Made to match with the growing exposure of children to smart phone and other technology, the whiteboard comes with an exciting range of features that add a sense of excitement to each classroom session.

Other versions, like the Promethean board in the video below, are effectively touch-enabled giant digital computer screens. These screens are as limitless as the imagination. Students can manipulate images, guide an online exploration, or control a camera in the arctic circle.

Promethean Board

3. Smart Tables

The sturdier cousin to the smartboard, smart tables are re-orienting information for all ages. These digital displays take information off the wall and put it on tables. Sector leaders like SMART Technologies’ “SMART Table” focus their innovation on making the display sturdier than their wall-mounted cousins and supporting more simultaneous interactions. 

For example, the table in the video below can handle 40 unique touch points at the same time. It is a perfect fit for a room full of eager young students.

The layout of a smart tables makes it more accessible to people of all ages and physical abilities than smartboards.

4. Digital Textbooks

An electronic book, or an eBook, is typically distributed as a digital file that can be used on any compatible computer or mobile device. 

With the growth in the use of tablets such as the Kindle Fire or the Ipad, eBooks have been flying off the digital shelves. No longer do we need to run to the store or wait for a package in the mail; we can download them instantly over the internet for free or at a marginal cost.

Once downloaded you have complete access to read the books contents, and you can take notes, highlight, and bookmark pages, similar to traditional paper books.

5. Scanmarker

Via wired or wireless, Scanmarker users can quickly scan editable text from books, papers and other documents directly into a phone, tablet or computer.

That text is then translatable into more than 40 languages. There’s even a function that allows you to listen while you scan.

6. Locorobo

A provider of programming and robotics education, LocoRobo uses robots to teach coding languages like Python, C, Javascript and MATLAB. 

The LocoIoT course instructs students on how to build, design and connect IoT systems from the ground up. Participants of this workshop will learn how to use LocoRobo tools such as the LocoDrone and LocoExtreme robot in the classroom.


LocoXtreme allows endless creative teaching opportunities through the use of 6 different sensors.

Inspire students to create sophisticated motion patterns using motor encoders. Detect obstacles using the ultrasonic sensor. Teach the concept of gravity using the accelerometer and gyroscope. Unravel the mystery of the Earth's magnetic field using magnetometers.

What's more interesting about LocoXtreme is that it can teach a wide range of disciplines such as coding, robotics, sensors, physics, mathematics, music, 3D design and more.


Locodrone is an education that engages students in the technical challenges of aerodynamics, aeronautics, control theory and Sensory Aerial Robotics Design.

Besides, Locodrone also exposes students to real-world skills in preparation for career such as:

  • Industry Standard Python or Java Coding (AP CSA)
  • Sensor Data Analysis and Decision-Making
  • Data Visualization
  • Multi-Robotics with LocoXtreme

How It Works

  • Classroom Indoor Drone With Protective Frame. Build it or get it fully assembled
  • Codable Drone Controller in Python or Java
  • Drone Data Visualizations


Empower students with an exciting and meaningful journey through one of the fastest growing industry sectors — wearable technology.  LocoWear can be strapped anywhere on the body to collect motion data

How It Works

  • LocoWear can be strapped anywhere on the body to collect motion data
  • Program the LocoWear with real-world Python coding in an industry standard development environment
  • Immerse students in project-based learning and multi-disciplinary lessons in programming, anatomical motion physics, statistics and data analysis in the LocoRobo Academy


It’s a three-inch tall, green and blue robot, with a white dome on top of its head that lights up.

It’s from the planet “Loopitron,” and it landed here to teach children as young as four-years-old how to write computer code.

With its artificial intelligence, My Loopy has seven toy-grade sensors that respond to touch, light, sound, proximity, temperature, and motions to learn from its user and their environment.

As the robot interacts more with its child user, its intelligence algorithm is programmed to decide which colors to light up and decide expressions it will show through its eyes, which have 24 expressions.

7. Podium Digital

A digital podium is a modern day lecture stand that comes equipped with various media components/devices that enable an uninterrupted learning session.

Some of the components are a public addressing system fitted with amplifier, speaker and mic. The podium also comes with integrated UPS for uninterrupted power supply, a lecture recording system, and ample storage space for visualizer, keyboard drawer and more.

Digital podiums are affixed with an interactive screen to display the script or any other document to the presenter. There’s no need to keep a hardcopy in front of your eyes to deliver a speech or address an audience.

Another plus point of a digital lectern is that you can display information on a flat panel display without having to leave the podium. With the help of the interactive screen, you can manage the content displayed on the flat panel display. This way, you can display a piece of information to the audience while facing them.

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