6 Important Things to Start Learn Programming

If you are here, you may be among those who want to learn programming. So the most commonly asked question is, how do you want to get started? What should be done?

In this article, I will share the steps you might can follow if you are interested to learn about programming.

1. Learning Tools

This could be the most important thing. To learn programming, the only thing you need is the right equipment.

The appropriate equipment is:

– Laptop
– Desktop
– Tablet / Cell Phone

It is highly recommended for you to have a laptop / computer to use. For starters, you don't need a sophisticated computer, it is ought to be enough with a computer that works well and connectable to the internet.

Depending on the capabilities of your computer, you may choose to study your programming language or technology. By the reason of this, some software requires high processing power before you can use it properly.

For myself, I only own a standard laptop when  I first started learning programming. Thus, there are nothing can hinder me from getting knowledge about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Angular. This was going different when I started upgrading my laptop, where I begin to learn  how to make a mobil application using Android Studio.

For those who don’t have computers, put your mind at ease. You can learn too by using your smartphone. Regarding how to learn programming using a smartphone, I will share later on.

2. Select the Programming Language You Want To Use

The next thing you need to set is your programming language:

Here are our recommendations:

Language Used for Difficulties
HTML & CSS Website Easy
JavaScript Website Intermediate
Java / Kotlin Android Application Intermediate
Dart / Flutter Android and IOS
Python Various of Applications Intermediate

3. Select your Primary Reference Source

There are plenty of resources that you can refer related to programming. However, you need to choose the source that suits you best. Some people love to watch tutorial videos, so the best channel would be Youtube and Udemy.com. Despite looking for the most up-to-date source for books is quite difficult, some of my acquaintances are more interested in refering books.

There are also people who are very advanced , they keep learning from the original source / documentation of the language by themselves. The original one could be the best, but it might be difficult to understand for the beginners. Therefore, it would be surpassing to have a teacher to guide.

4. Start Writing Your Own Code

I have met numerous people who wanted to learn, but they didn't even write a single code bar. Writing your first code isn't hard, you just have to try it, and you won't lose anything if you try.

In fact, for those who have give a try, many of them eventually become attracted and fall in love with programming. You have to try, and experience the greatness of programming.

5. Plan Your Schedule and Be Disciplined

To be a good programmer, you need to be disciplined in learning and writing code. Set your own learning schedule.

Some are determined to learn fast, such as spending a few days / weeks completing one course purchased from Udemy.

Some are more relaxing, and try to allocate around 1-2 hours daily.

As a programmer, you are free to set your own schedule.

6. Communicate and Get Views from Other Programmers.

In Malaysia, there are many groups for programmers. There are specific groups for a particular language as well as general group. You can find the group of the most popular platform for active programmers, which is Facebook and Telegram.

You can also ask us what language suits you. Just leave a comment below, and wait for someone to help you.


As a new student, you may be worried or scared to begin. Don't worry, many people will lend a hand for you. Most programmers are self-taught people, including myself and my friends. We have been where you are, and we succeeded after starting our steps and continuing to learn the science of programming.

Some may ask, “I'm already working and I'm 40, Is it worth for me to study programming?”

Programming is for everyone, regardless of age. Some start to learn from the age of 9, and some became successful even when they've started late. It depends on your interests and how much effort you put into it.

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