3 Importance of Programming In Our Life

What is Programming?

Programming is a process that enables us to communicate with computers. Without programming, any machines or gadgets created would not be able to understand human instructions.

Without realizing it, programming is an important part of our life, where we now rely heavily on computers, gadgets and phones in our daily life. Here are some of the importance of sustainability in our life.

1. The Main Medium For All Computer Software And Phones

Programming allows us to enjoy amenities such as computers and smartphones. When you open and use your gadgets, actually thousands of programming codes have been implemented as instructions for your gadgets to meet your needs.

Computers understand instructions from humans in binary code [0 1] only. Yet, the efforts of several generations of humans have made our process of computerization easier. We no longer need to write binary codes in other to interact with computers.

With just one click of the ‘on’ button, we can easily boot the computer. Programmers have made our work easier, by converting our actions such as clicks, gestures and typing into computer-readable binary codes.

2. Programming in Electrical Appliances

Programming is not just limited to computers and phones. When we look around us, we will see objects such as fans, cars, TVs and numerous major appliances that we use often. As well as computer software and phones, most of these objects have programming too which allows us to give instructions such as changing fan speed, and changing TV settings.

3. Programming Turn Something Complex Into Simple Matters

Previously, programming only allowed us to do a few simple instructions. However, due to tehcnological advances and programming languages, we can now use programming to help us solve complex cases.

The development of programming languages introduces new technologies that we used to hear nowadays:

– Machine learning
– Artificial intelligence
– Internet of things

An introduction to these technologies will be discussed later.

Do We Understand the Importance of Programming?

The previous writing is only part of the importance of programming, yet the benefits are undeniable in our present and future life.

You may be wondering wether this programming is just for the smart and the genius? Not really. Programming is not something that requires a genius and a high IQ.

It’s actually a language. If we can learn both Malay and English, we can also learn a programming language. It has been proven from time to time that many programmers and application developers are just starting their carrier a little bit late in their life.

Nevertheless, a discussion about programming languages and how you can learn them will be discussed later.

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